KDA Hashing Page V6

Built to Last / Scalable / Dynamic Protocol Built on Kadena

We operate the mining facility, you get the rewards.

Powerful features

Mint NFTs to passively earn a share of our Kadena mining profits in perpetuity.

100% Passive

Earn crypto mining rewards without the expensive equipment, electricity costs, and required expertise.

Proven, tested system

Team has years of experience in the mining world across various PoW assets.

Blockchain technology

Kadena is an up-and-coming L1 blockchain with industry-leading PoW technology.

Real rewards

Our mining facility provides network consensus for the Kadena blockchain and earns sustained KDA (cryptocurrency) in return.

Endlessly scalable

Scaling has no upper-bound with the ability to continuously reinvest in miners.

Kadena Hashing by the numbers


Sold in NFTs

139 (15,211 TH/s)

Miners Obtained


KDA mined

How it Works

1 - Mint an NFT

Mint one of our three tiers ($160-$1,000) with $USDC on the Ethereum blockchain.

2 - Start Earning $KDA

After your NFT purchase, you’ll receive $KDA mining rewards directly to your Kadena address every month. We’ll also share a monthly report detailing our mining profits and key protocol metrics.

3 - Passive Rewards & Partial Governance

Continue earning Kadena from our facility as long as mining $KDA remains profitable while participating in decisions about our farm, equipment, and future.


Meet the extraordinary team at Kadena Hashing

Founder of KadenaHashing and lessee of the mining farm. A track record of multiple successful businesses, miner since 2017 and a crypto investor/enthusiast with a never say die attitude.
RugDoc KYC

KadenaHashing is fortunate to have the extensive knowledge and resources of the Hive team. Their support and personnel were invaluable to us in the beginning, as both investing and marketing partners. Find out more about Hive here

Creator of our Discord, boss lady of our mods, graphic designer, fierce defender of KadenaHashing and our team and a wonderful person to chat with late nights. We put a lot on her and she always delivers. We love her.

Jay from down-under is a self-taught mining and networking expert. He’s extremely loyal to KH and dedicated to ensuring our miners run as close to 100% uptime as humanly possible. He’s a bit of a perfectionist and we are very lucky to have his expertise and companionship in this venture. All KH participants will be better for it.
Ross Booth

Ross is a former aerospace engineer turned DeFi writer and consultant. His strong technical background and proven digital writing experience make him a valuable contributor to our docs, long-form content, launch strategy and beyond. Though young, he has sharp business acumen, good instincts and contributes to our longterm strategy in a big way.


Lead Developer
Robert brings 30 years of programming experience to our group. He is a whiz kid that started programming at 7 years old to build his own game! He’s proficient in several coding languages and we’re thrilled to have him on the team.

C. D.

C. D. owns and operates his own mining farm and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. He has extensive project management experience, helped us secure the KH facility, and is a massive asset to our operation.


Mining is about crunching numbers, constantly. Leigh is an excel wizard, projections expert and organizational mastermind. We’re lucky to have her on the team.
Easy / Safe / secure

Like what you see? Mint an NFT now to start earning KDA ahead of the next bull run.


  • KH PRO

  • KH MAX


We’re making Kadena PoW mining an accessible and passive source of income for retail participants.

Kadena is a smart-contract capable layer-one PoW blockchain that’s solved the scalability problem. Its potential is limitless, and they recently announced a $100M grant program for teams building atop Kadena. We’re very bullish on the future of $KDA.

Your NFT purchase entitles you to earn a percentage of our facility’s $KDA mining profits in perpetuity. Think of it as your ticket to a financial share of our mining farm’s ongoing and future profitability.

a. We’re veterans in the industry and have direct connections to Goldshell, iBeLink, and wholesale pricing (more TH per dollar spent)
b. We have 5+ years of mining experience, and decades of experience operating cash-flowing businesses.
c. We’re the only project tying a percentage of our mining profits to each NFT. You’ll earn $KDA in perpetuity for a one-time cost.